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we want to buy a home . . .

​ how do we start the process?

   how hard is it to qualify?​​

     It's easier than you think ! 


Documents Needed to Qualify:​

​*  Last 2 Current Pay Stubs

*  Last 2 Months of Bank Statements

​*  Copy of Dr License and SS Card

*  Tax Returns/W2s for last 2 years

​*  Credit Cards - amounts & monthly

​*  Any other financial information to          help paint your financial picture.

​*  Same Documents for 1st time               buyers or experienced buyers.

    ​​​A Home to plant flowers and a garden.

Qualifying is all about Money Coming in

​and Money Going Out for Bills.  It is a

​a percentage.  Plus your Credit Score.

A Lender's Score is different than the Online Scores.  Close but different.

Minimum is 640 for a DPA loan program.

We can plan together to raise your score if we need to tweak it a bit.  You will have

​a Team working with you on this too.

1st time buyers . . .

We chat about your goals and criteria​ for the home you want to buy. We talk about the different loan options with a few good lenders and you get to pick.  ​Some have special programs with No ​​Down

Payment and sometimes we can get

help with Closing Costs.  SWEET.

We ​work together as a Team. 

We Plan Your Path to Your Next Home.