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​​​​​​I hAve been a realtor in Arizona for over 25 years . . .

and I don't have . . .

matching gloves and purse.

​​My Priorities Are Simple  . . .  They're Yours.

Arizona is Home and

I have enjoyed living in Scottsdale, Carefree and Tempe ... love the mountains, cactus and gorgeous sunsets. But 

  • Have Extreme Knowledge of the Legal Contracts, Formal Documents and Disclosures needed.
  • Realtors in Arizona Legally Write Contracts . . . I am An Experienced Agent . . . Writing on Your Behalf.
  • Explain Everything in Detail . . . have lots of Patience for any Questions you may have.

A Baby Boomer who grew up in Tempe, AZ in the late

60's and went to Arizona State/Marketing Major.  

My Father Retired from the Military and picked Tempe to

move the Family to ... for the last time.

My first career was as an Audio Visual Producer, back

in the day,  in Scottsdale,  San Francisco and Chicago.  

Produced Financial Board Presentations for Motorola;  

Bank of America World Headquarters and

Bankers Life & Casualty Insurance. 


​​​As a Baby Boomer,

I wanted out of the congested Metro 

Phoenix Area and wanted to go back

to a small town to live

my last 25 years.  

Didn't want to waste those years.  

Wanted to Simplify My Life.

   I can relate to that idea.  

Of the top states,

Arizona, Calif. and Oregon 

I still favored Arizona.

Wanted a slower-paced,

charming town

full of the warmth

and caring that comes

with living in a small town.

It had to have good shopping,

hospitals, "energy & vibrancy"

music & theatre, friendly people.

I really wanted a Town Square.

A place where people walk around,

 meet someone they actually know.

A place to make new friends. 

​​​Why Choose Me to Help You Find a Home?    


Prescott was the Winner !

Moved to Prescott and

Just Love It !  

about suzy . . .

  • Being a Buyer's Agent, I work on Your Behalf, and become Your Advocate ... no fees to You.
  • My job is to show you Houses that You want to look at ... You pick Your Favorites. 
  • We work together and Plan the Strategy for a Purchase Offer.  It's not always about Price.​