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​​​​​​I hAve been a realtor in Arizona for over 25 years . . .

and I don't have . . .

matching gloves and purse.

​​My Priorities Are Simple  . . .  They're Yours.

Arizona is Home and

I have enjoyed living in Scottsdale, Carefree and Tempe ... loved the mountains, cactus and gorgeous sunsets. But 

Prescott was the Winner !

Moved to Prescott and

Just Love It !  

about suzy . . .


  • Have Extreme Knowledge of the Legal Contracts, Formal Documents and Disclosures needed.
  • Realtors in Arizona Legally Write Contracts . . . I am An Experienced Agent . . . Writing on Your Behalf.
  • Explain Everything in Detail . . . have lots of Patience for any Questions you may have.

I am a Baby Boomer who grew up in Tempe, AZ in the late

60's and went to Arizona State/Marketing Major.  

My Father Retired from the Military and picked Tempe to

move the Family to ... for the last time.

My first career was as an Audio-Visual Producer, back

in the day,  in Scottsdale,  San Francisco and Chicago.  

Produced Financial Board Presentations for CEOs at Motorola;  Bank of America World Headquarters,

Standard Oil and Bankers Life & Casualty Insurance. 

​​​Why Choose Me to Help You Find a Home?    

  • Being a Buyer's Agent, I work on Your Behalf, and become Your Advocate ... no fees to You.
  • My job is to show you Houses that You want to look at ... You pick Your Favorites. 
  • We work together and Plan the Strategy for a Purchase Offer.  It's not always about Price.​


​​​As a Baby Boomer,

I wanted out of the congested Metro 

Phoenix Area and wanted to go back

to a small town to live

my last 20 years.  

Didn't want to waste those years.  

Wanted to Simplify My Life.

   I can relate.  

Of the top states,

Arizona, Calif. and Oregon 

I still favored Arizona.

Wanted a slower-paced,

charming town

full of the warmth

and caring that comes

with living in a small town.

It had to have good shopping,

hospitals, "energy & vibrancy"

music & theatre, friendly people.

I really wanted a Town Square.

A place where people walk around,

and meet other friendly people.

A place to make new friends. 


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