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Prescott area . . .


Prescott . . . 

"everyone's hometown" 

where everyone is welcome !


Small Town around 42,000 population. Perfect!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Prescott ...

reminds us of the Small Town, in which a lot of us grew up.  Full of Charm with Small Town Friendliness. 

The GorgeousCourthouse Square is in the middle of town next to the Famous Whiskey Row... 

from the Historical 1800's.

Cobblestone Sidewalks 

make walking Magical under those Canopied Trees.

​The Square is the HUB of the Town with Art Fairs and various Festivals and Music. Always something to do.

Prescott has lots of Chamber and Symphony Music, Live Theatre, Concerts and lots of Museums.  

5 Lakesfor Fishing and Kayaking. We have trout.  

SIX Golf Courses.  

HikingTrails for  450 Miles.

Mild Winters and Cool Summers.  Paradise!

​Population around 42,000 with the neighboring Prescott Valley another 43,000 ... which together bring in lots of shopping and restaurants ... About half are Baby Boomers.

Prescott has been named the " Number One City" in the U.S. for the Cleanest Air Quality by the American Lung Association for many years. It goes to air flow and wind currents. 

This is a Very Big Deal !

Prescott is also rated in the Top 5 for Best Christmas Cities and Places to Retire.

​​​Living in the Prescott Area is like Going​​ Back in Time  ​

to a Simpler Way of Life.

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