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     Put down roots and watch your family grow.


you're back home ​. . .

and hopefully you will 

never have to move again!

​​​​​​​​​​​* Qualifying for a Loan couldn't be easier today.

​    We use Lenders that know about VA loans.

      Let's Plan your Active Duty PCS now, or get a

      good home for the next tour of duty.

* Good Loan Programs Available.

   Practically ... no cash out of your pocket.

    Sometimes we can get Seller Concessions as      well to help with the Closing Costs. 

​* Yes ... we will need $1,000 Earnest Money to

   Hold a House while in Escrow, but you'll get it

   back at Closing with the Loan Program.

* Loan Programs geared to help you purchase

   a home ... to Thank You for your Service.         .    Programs just for VA Buyers.

​* Just Need your DD-214 and COE,

​   Certificate of Eligibility or

   Statement of Service for Active Duty.

   Lower credit scores okay and no MI.  Easy.

​* You can re-use your​ Eligibility and it entails

   " two available entitlements ". ​ Ask me how.


*  Can I use my loan to buy a Vacation Home?

     Ask me ...

​​My  Father was Retired Army, from WWII, and I understand the constant "being on the move"  going from place to place ... and having to re-create the wheel every time in 'another city'.  New schools and new friends to make.  It was hard on us kids, as well as our parents, to learn everything all over again.  Really hard to have to say goodbye to the friends you had just made over the past few years.  

I will help you with the Transition to this New Place.  Together, we will find the perfect neighborhood,  good shopping areas,  fun restaurants , VA hospitals and schools etc. 



VA buyers . . . Veterans