​Summer is full of Art Festivals and Music.  Arts & Crafts Fairs on 

the Courthouse Square almost every weekend.  Free Music on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6:30-8:30 for the whole Summer. 

Warm and Wonderful Under the Tall Trees ... eating pizza from Bill's or picnic with friends. People dance.  People walk around the Square, after dinner, eating ice cream in the warm Summer Nights.


FALL:  Sept, Oct, Nov    Daytime 70-80's     Night  35-50's

December is cold at night but still warm during the day because the sun is usually warming up the day.  January is the coldest month and one tends to hunker down the first weeks of Jan.  One wears coats and gloves in the day and at night.  Again ... the sun warms up the day.  Most people are home by 10 pm & aren't out when the temps drop to 15 degrees at midnight in January.  February is chilly as well. 

We get snow about 3 times.  First 2 times about 2 inches each time and is gone in a day or two ... because the bright sunshine melts it.  ​We get about one good snow about 4 inches and that is also gone in 3-4 days.   We don't have Ugly Dirty Snow like Chicago because our Sun shines every day.  I do not feel cold at all because I wear wonderful coats, boots and gloves.  I feel likeI am in a Hallmark Movie living in Prescott every day.

​Springtime is wonderful with the Irises and Daffodils bursting out in bloom as first flowers all over town.   Everyone is going to the Garden Centers and buying gems to plant in their pots.  Trees, shrubs and vines are all starting to burst into color and it is lovely. New energy abounds and we are also full of energy and excitement.  Light jackets and sunny days.  Sun warms the 

​house inside and I may only use the heat for an hour when I first wake up. 

WINTER:  Dec, Jan, Feb     Daytime 35-55's     Night 15-25's

Lovely fall colors and a touch of crispness in the air.  Planning for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Sunny days and still warm.  Light sweater but still wearing sandals in the daytime.  Boots at night with a jacket.  Warm days but the nights get colder.  I still don't need my heat day or night.  Daytime sun keeps the home warm thru the night ...

65-70 degrees upon waking ... in the house.  

Prescott Weather is a piece of cake ... it's like California Weather ! Seriously.  I do not freeze

here and actually have a few coats that are fun to wear !   And no, I can't wear sandals in the Winter.

I bring up wearing sandals to show Prescott is warm.  On Veteran's Day ... I'm still in sandals.

Prescott has all 4 Seasons but they are all Mild. Not too cold and not too hot.

OKAY . . . What is the Weather Really Like in Prescott ?? 

I moved away from all that Snow !!   I don't want to shovel again!

How many inches of snow ??  How COLD does it get ??


SUMMER:  June, July, Aug    Daytime 80-95's   Night  50-60's

SPRING:  March, April, May  Daytime 50's and 60's ... Night 35-40's

" I will be straight with You about being Cold in Prescott . . . since I moved   

   up here 3 years ago, from Scottsdale, from extreme heat for 20 years.  I have thin     Scottsdale blood, low thyroid and have been cold living in California.

 Would I be cold in Winter in Prescott Winter ? ''​   Answer is No!  Just Love it.

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